The primary goal of the Check Enforcement Program is to recover money lost to bad check crime. It is very important that the bad checks referred to the Program meet basic requirements. The Program Guidelines, a publication that is part of the Bad Check Protection Kit, will explain those requirements in detail.

Once a check is accepted into the Program, we contact the check writer by letter and phone. The check writer is required to complete the requirements of the Program that include:

  • Pay full restitution of the bad check(s)
  • Pay a victim fee that the victim has incurred
  • Pay a Program administrative fee
  • Complete the Check Writer’s Educational Course

If all the requirements are met, the writer avoids potential prosecution. If the check writer does not comply with the Program requirements, he or she faces potential prosecution that could result in a criminal conviction.

Returning Recovered Funds

Within seven days of receiving restitution from the check writer, the Program will issue a check to the victim that includes the recovered check amount plus a victim's fee.

The Program returns 100% of the amount recovered on behalf of the victim. Again, it costs nothing to participate in the Program. Bad check writers pay the entire cost of the Program.