Submitting a Bad Check


If you have not yet registered with the Check Enforcement Program, it is important that you provide basic information regarding your company.  You only need to register one time, but if any of your information changes, please inform our office.

Before You Refer A Check To This Program

Victims of bad checks are required to make at least one attempt to notify a check writer to demand payment of a check that is returned because of Insufficient Funds. This should be done by Certified or Registered Mail so that a check writer’s receipt of the letter can be proven in court and you could proceed against the check writer in civil court if necessary. The check writer must then be given seven (7) days from the receipt of the notice to respond to the letter. If, after that time, the matter has not been resolved, the check can be referred to the Check Enforcement Program. We have provided a sample demand letter within the Guide Lines Documentation on this site.

Preparing Checks For Referral

Enclose the original check with the Check Complaint Form. Make a photocopy of both sides of the checks you are referring for your files. Each check you refer to our office for enforcement must be accompanied by a Check Complaint Form. This form lists all the information needed to process the bad check. It is important that you fill out as much of the information as possible to assure effective enforcement. If you do not know a piece of information you can still refer the check.

Please write or print information clearly. Checks are often very difficult to read. One of the reasons for filling out a Check Complaint Form is to assure we can read names, dates and amounts accurately.