Eligible Checks

Most are eligible for the Check Enforcement Program. These include checks returned because of:

  • “Insufficient ” or “Non-sufficient Funds”
  • “Closed Account”
  • “No Account”   

Ineligible Checks

Some checks are not eligible for the Check Enforcement Program. Checks that do not qualify include:

  • Checks passed outside McHenry County
  • Checks older than 90 days
  • Post-dated or Pre-dated checks
  • Two-party checks
  • Agreement-to-hold checks
  • Stop-payment checks
  • Counterfeit or forged checks*
  • Rent checks for housing
  • Out-of-state checks (other than WI)
  • Checks previously submitted to a collection agency
  • Checks exceeding $2,500

* Forged or Counterfeit checks should be sent directly to law enforcement for investigation for possible prosecution.

Follow Up

You will either receive the money due to you or we’ll contact you with an explanation of why prosecution is not in process. If a check(s) is deemed prosecutable, you will be informed of what steps you must take as part of the prosecution process. If we are unable to enforce restitution and the check does not qualify for prosecution, it will be placed in an inactive status and held at the Check Enforcement Program unless it is requested that the check be returned. If new information or additional checks are received, an inactive check case can be reopened and pursued further. If you are the recipient of a check that exceeds $2,500 or a series of checks that exceeds $2,500, you should contact your local police agency.

We will do our best to make sure your bad checks are handled efficiently and promptly. If you have questions about this Program or any bad checks you have submitted, call toll-free: 1-800-462-3756