It is easy to register with the Check Enforcement Program by filling out the Registration Form available for download and submittal from this page. It is important that you provide basic information regarding your company which allows us to communicate with you more efficiently and speeds the whole restitution process. You need only register one time but, if any of your company information changes, please inform our office.

When you register you will receive a Merchant Number, via U.S. Mail, that you should use on any communication with the Program. This will help us speed up the processing of your check cases and disbursment payments back to you.

Bad Check Protection Kit

By registering with the Check Enforcement Program you will also receive FREE, a Bad Check Protection Kit. This packet contains everything you need to help avoid bad checks in the first place as well as instructions on how to submit a bad check to the Program.

Be sure to read the Agreement section to understand the requirements of the Program.