Check Writer Educational Course       

Educational BookAll check writers are required to complete an educational course that teaches them how to get and keep control of finances. It is proven that these courses lower the number of repeat offenders.  

Fewer repeat offenders mean fewer bad checks.

The four hour course goes far beyond how to balance a check book. The class stresses that writing bad checks is a crime.  There is a section devoted to handling a checking account responsibly including exercises on balancing and reconciling a checking account.

The course also instructs how to budget and plan for all kinds of expenses, how to stretch dollars, and how to save money in all segments of a person’s finances.

The material is presented in a helpful manner that treats the person’s bad check(s) as a financial injury and explains how to recover from that injury in a way that encourages the person to improve the way he or she handles money.

This is the same Check Writer Educational Course that has been praised and used by State's Attorneys across the country.