The Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office is a proud participant in the Check Enforcement Program. Since February 2006, our office has collaborated with local businesses to create a diversion program for first-time offenders (individuals who intentionally (and unlawfully) issue a bank dishonored check to another) and are willing to pay the money and attend an offender education course.

Our commitment to the community is to be solution oriented – we strive to protect and make whole any victim of a crime; we aim to hold accountable offenders and increase the opportunities for individuals to comply and not re-offend; and, we focus on achieving these goals by using our resources most efficiently. As part of our responsibility for and accountability to the community, we establish and participate in programs outside the courts so that we are using our resources efficiently. One such program is The Check Enforcement Program.

Nationally, each year merchants lose millions of dollars to bad checks. Bad checks affect everyone! They can be devastating to small businesses. The negative impact to the business also affects the community. The costs related to receiving a bad check for the business may be passed unto the consumers, you and I, in an increase to the costs of goods and services.

Make no mistake, unlawfully issuing a bad check is a crime. The Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office prosecutes these offenses and is prepared to continue to do so as needed. In addition to pursuing and prosecuting serial offenders, the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office participates in the Check Enforcement Program. The Check Enforcement Program is designed to assist merchants in recovering losses from intentionally written “bad checks.” The Program is FREE to all victims within Loudoun County. It is designed to handle dishonored checks marked “Insufficient or Non-sufficient Funds,” “Account Closed” and “No Account” that are passed in Loudoun County.

Our primary goal is to assure full restitution for the victim! The Check Enforcement Program provides for full payment and includes a victim service fee - without adding to the financial burden of the criminal justice system – our law enforcement officers, the courts and court related agencies.

The process usually is more efficient and expeditious than prosecution. We continue with the program because we are able to make the victims whole and simultaneously, conserve the resources of our law enforcement, our office and the courts. Additionally, merchants in Loudoun County benefit from the Program because they receive restitution without paying any fees. First-time bad check writers are accountable because they have to pay the sums due plus an additional fee, and they benefit from the opportunity to avoid criminal prosecution by completing an offender education course. If, however, the person fails to respond to and comply with the Program, the case will be referred for prosecutorial review.

If bad checks are a concern for your business, you are encouraged to participate. Please take a few minutes to explore this site to learn more about the Check Enforcement Program. Learn how this Program can benefit you. Then feel free to register and use the Program.

Thank you for your interest in the Check Enforcement Program and the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Buta Biberaj
Commonwealth's Attorney