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Merchants Agreement

  1. If If a check is dishonored by the bank because of insufficient or non-sufficient funds, you must make at least two attempts to deposit or cash a check with a seven (7) day period between attempts.
  2. The Bad Check Program can only accept Checks written for under $2,500.00. Checks over this amount must be referred to law enforcement.
  3. Victims must make a documented attempt to collect on the check. If you cannot reach the check writer or he or she does not pay, you should proceed with referring the check to the Check Enforcement Program.
  4. Check writers must be allowed ten (10) days from the date notice is sent to comply with your request on insufficient or non-sufficient funds checks. If the check writer fails to comply, you may then send the check and any supporting information to the Check Enforcement Program.
  5. To refer a check to the program, you must complete a Check Complaint Form, attach the original check(s) or a branch copy or substitute check to the form and forward it within 180 days of the date of the check to the Check Enforcement Program.
  6. Once a check has been turned over to the program, you cannot accept payment for that check directly from the check writer. Restitution and the associated fees must be made to the program. Any check writer who wishes to pay a check should be directed to call the program at 1-888-616-6478.
  7. Restitution for bad checks received by the program will be mailed to you within seven (7) days of the date it was received.
  8. If the check writer does not comply with the requirements of the program, he or she faces potential prosecution. If this should be the case, you will be contacted about what action you may be required to take as part of that prosecution. However, not all checks qualify for prosecution.
  9. Once a check has been turned over to the Check Enforcement Program, you may not commence civil legal proceedings in court without the expressed written consent of the Check Enforcement Program.
  10. If the program is unable to secure restitution and the check does not meet the criteria for prosecution it will be held inactive at the program office unless you request that it be returned. If additional checks from the check writer or subsequent new information is received, the check case may be reactivated. You may request that such checks be returned to you for further action by a private attorney or in small claims court.
  11. This agreement may be amended from time-to-time by the State’s Attorney’s Office and such amendments will be effective upon mailing of notice to the merchant.
  12. By signing and returning the attached registration form, you acknowledge the requirements of the program and agree to abide by them. Failure to abide by this agreement may cause a merchant’s or individual’s participation in the program to be discontinued.
  13. This information is used only by the State’s Attorney’s Office or its agents to manage bad checks.